Friday, 23 October 2009

Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland

Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland received 5 death sentences each from a military tribunal in DR Congo on September 8. 2009.

They were convicted solely based on circumstational evidence and two witnesses who weren't expected to give their oath. Those witnesses were called "informants" by the military tribunal, simply because they would otherwise not be able to claim reinbursements from the two convicted Norwegians.

The Norwegians did not have any interpreterer for the most part of the trial, however, every now and then, they had an extremely incompetent interpreter.

The Norwegians understood little to nothing from what was being said in court. Because of incompetent interpretation, prejudice, and that the prosecution were allowed to present incorrect a and false evidence before the judges, Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland chose not to say anything at all during this trial, which they both called a "mock trial".

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