Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Bill Dillon on the Radio

Bill Dillon appeared on Deminski and Doyle on 94.7 WCSX, Detroit’s Rock Station to talk about his case. The segment lasted roughly 13 minutes and is a really great conversation on Bill’s case and the corruption that is systemic in Brevard County.

It is exciting that Bill’s case and the infamous John Preston is becoming a national story, and this should be a lesson to folks in power who think that they can avoid this issue because the public doesn’t care.


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WW Justice said...

Hooray for Dillon in escaping the clutches of Prosecutorial Misconduct. Fact is .. there are AT LEAST 20 more people who had their freedom and their lives stolen by the PERSECUTORS in Florida. DO NOT blame the dog !! The Prosecutors are responsible. Period. Misconduct was PERVASIVE THEN (20 years ago) and it is MUCH worse now. And the GOV. Man -- " Charlie who ONLY cares about Charlie" does NOT care one bit. He refuses to appoint a special prosecutor. That is cowardly. He is chicken - shoot. What a NON _leader. The peole's governor -- NO WAY !! He is Charlie all about Charlie. Stay tuned -- his career is OVER A Prediction !! WW