Friday, 3 July 2009

Tim Cole still awaiting pardon

Earlier this year, Timothy Cole was exonerated of a rape in Texas – ten years after his death in prison. Today his family is still fighting for a posthumous pardon in his name.

There were hopes that yesterday would finally have been the day when his pardon was granted. Cole’s family and supporters gathered at the Texas capitol for a press conference where they asked the Governor Rick Perry to sign the pardon or to add this issue to their special session. Unfortunately, the governor maintained that he has no plans of addressing the issue during the session.

An article on states that Governor Perry claims a constitutional amendment would have to be passed in order for him to make the decision. Meanwhile, Senator Rodney Ellis said he and his staff researched the issue and that he didn’t believe an amendment was necessary.

According to another article by Grits for Breakfast, Timothy Cole’s brother was one of the family member to attend the conference.

Noting that the press conference had been moved indoors because of rain, he said the raindrops were teardrops from heaven shed because his brother’s case could still not be finally resolved.

Yesterday would have marked Tim Cole’s 49th birthday.

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