Friday, 21 March 2008

Please Sign Petition to Compensate Pennsylvania Exonerees

Greetings All,

Please sign and pass on this petition so Pennsylvania's Exonerated can recieve financial compensation for the years they spent in prison wrongfully convicted. You support is appreciated. It is important to give your name, city, state.

Harold C. Wilson
Striving to Make a Difference

The petition

The purpose of this petition is to ask for your support and to demonstrate to the PA Legislators that a Compensation Bill for the exonerated is supported by the constituency. We need bipartisan legislative support.

Currently there are bills in the Pennsylvania Legislature House of Representatives and Senate to compensate exonerated prisoners. These bills are written to compensate exonerated persons in Pennsylvania.

House of Representative Bill is HB 765 and Senate Bill SB 714.

These bills outline the following compensation.

(b) Damages.--If the court finds that the claimant was
4 wrongfully convicted and imprisoned, it shall award damages as
5 follows:
6 (1) not less than $50,000 for each year of
7 incarceration, with an additional $50,000 for each year for years served on Death Row.

I entreat all that receive this petition to sign it in support of compensating the wrongfully convicted. Help rectify what has been suffered by the wrongfully convicted. Please include your county, city, and state. I request that you pass this petition on, you support is desperately needed.

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Petition sponsor
My name is Harold C. Wilson. I am the 122nd Exonerated Death Row Prisoner in the United States and the 6th Exonerated Death Row Prisoner in Pennsylvania. On November 15, 2005 after spending over 17 years wrongfully convicted on Pennsylvania's Death Row, I was released with $.65 and a bus token from prison. My Death Warrant was signed twice by the Governor of Pennsylvania. I was aquitted by DNA evidence and witness testimony. Pennsylvania exonerees have not been compensated for this hideous tragedy against us and our families. Please support this fight.


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