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Actual Innocence awareness database

June 15, 2007

Author: Davies, Paul and Kuntz, Phil
Title: An Ex-Wife's Battle: Set Mr. Garcia Free
Citation: Wall Street Journal, June 15, 2007, at A1.
URL: http://tinyurl.com/ys2yd5

June 14, 2007

Title: Houston Won't Review Cases in Lab Inquiry
Citation: N.Y. Times, June 14, 2007, at A28.
URL: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/14/us/14houston.html

June 13, 2007

Author: Prottas, Jeffrey M. and Noble, Alice A.
Title: Use of Forensic DNA Evidence in Prosecutors' Offices
Citation: 35 J.L. Med. & Ethics 310 (2007).

June 12, 2007

Author: Christianson, Scott
Title: Public Detectives
Citation: N.Y. Times, June 3, 2007, Section 14, p. 13.

Author: Crouch, Stanley
Title: OpEd, In Juries We Trust
Citation: NY Daily News, May 27, 2007.
URL: http://tinyurl.com/yr5w7a

Author: Findley, Keith A.
Title: The Pedagogy of Innocence: Reflections on the Role of Innocence Projects in Clinical Legal Education
Citation: 13 Clinical L. Rev. 231 (2006).

Author: Salemme, Elisabeth
Title: Innocence Project Marks 15th Years
Citation: Time.com, June 5, 2007.
URL: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1628477,00.html

Author: Webster, Richard A.
Title: Life Sentence; Justice Elusive for Wrongfully Convicted Victims
Citation: New Orleans City Business.com, June 4, 2007.
URL: http://www.neworleanscitybusiness.com/viewStory.cfm?recID=19189

June 11, 2007

Author: Findley, Keith A. and Pray, John A.
Title: Lessons from the Innocent
Citation: Wis. Acad. Rev., Fall 2001, at 33.
URL: http://law.wisc.edu/fjr/innocence/WisconsinAcademyReviewarticle.pdf

Author: Gohara, Miriam S.
Title: A Lie for A Lie: False Confessions and the Case for Reconsidering the Legality of Deceptive Interrogation Techniques
Citation: 33 Fordham Urb. L. J. 791 (2006).

Author: Gudjonsson, Gisli H.
Title: The Psychology of Interrogations and Confessions: A Handbook
Citation: John Wiley and Sons, 2003.

Author: Inbau, Fred E., Reid, John E., Buckley, Joseph P., and Jayne, Brian C.
Title: Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, 4th ed.
Citation: Jones and Bartlett, 2004.

Author: Kassin, Saul M.
Title: On the Psychology of False Confessions: Does Innocence Put Innocents at Risk?
Citation: 60 Am. Psychol. 215 (2005).

Author: Leo, Richard A., Drizin, Steven A., Neufeld, Peter J., Hall, Bradley R., and Vatner, Amy
Title: Bringing Reliability Back In: False Confessions and Legal Safeguards in the Twenty-First Century
Citation: 2006 Wis. L. Rev. 479 (2006).
URL: http://hosted.law.wisc.edu/lawreview/issues/2006-2/leo-drizin.pdf

Author: Protess, David and Warden, Rob
Title: A Promise of Justice
Citation: Hyperion, 1998.

Author: Wisconsin Criminal Justice Study Commission
Title: Study Suggests Causes of and Ways to Prevent False Confessions
Citation: 80 Wis. Lawyer 6 (May 2007).

June 7, 2007

Author: Lueck, Thomas J.
Title: From Database to Crime Scene: Network is Potent Police Weapon
Citation: N.Y. Times, June 7, 2007, at B1.
URL: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/07/nyregion/07real.html

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