Monday, 2 April 2007

Morgan's free man

April 2, 2007


Morgan's free man

Coming to a Ritzy near you soon: Morgan Lewis & Bockius, the Movie. Yes,
it's true: lawyers from one of the US's finest firms will soon be played by
actors up on the silver screen.

Boardroom rows, late-night drafting and photocopying galore, all featuring
Morgan Lewis lawyers, will soon compete for punters' attention with the
latest Die Hard, Rambo and Indiana Jones instalments.

Tulkinghorn kids you not. The film will tell the story of two Morgan Lewis
lawyers, J Gordon Cooney Jr and Michael L Banks, who waged a 15-year battle
representing longtime death row inmate John Thompson on a pro bono basis.

The pair eventually overturned his conviction for the 1984 murder of a New
Orleans businessman and successfully cleared him of all charges, although
not until after nine stays of execution.

Now the story of the epic battle, which is thought to have racked up more
than £1m in unpaid legal work and involved up to 90 lawyers and staff, is to
be filmed. And the actors in the lead roles? Oscar-winning Boston boys Ben
Affleck and Matt Damon. Who apparently look exactly like Cooney and Banks.


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