Sunday, 21 January 2007

Illinois Death Penalty Exonerations

About the Illinois Death Penalty

Executions of Possibly Innocent Prisoners

Clemency: The Illinois Experience

Illinois Death Penalty Exonerations

In the quarter century between restoration of the Illinois death penalty and Governor George Ryan's blanket clemency order, 289 men and women were sentenced to death in Illinois. Of those, 18 have been exonerated — a rate in excess of 6.2%. The Center on Wrongful Convictions or members of its staff have been instrumental in 12 of the 18 exonerations.

Read their stories:

Joseph Burrows
Perry Cobb
Rolando Cruz
Gary Gauger
Alejandro Hernandez
Madison Hobley
Stanley Howard
Verneal Jimerson
Ronald Jones
Carl Lawson
George Lettrich
Steven Manning
Leroy Orange
Aaron Patterson
Anthony Porter
Steven Smith
Gordon (Randy) Steidl (1987, 2004)
Darby Tillis
Dennis Williams

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